About Gator Jacks

Here at Gator Jacks we provide a unique Cajun experience right here in Eastern Idaho. With two convenient locations, Rigby and Idaho Falls, you’re sure to find a location near you.

Over all these long years we have been creating some amazing traditions and recipes. We keep surprising our customers and ourselves. Turns out – nothing tastes as good as a cold beer and dinner at Gator Jacks!



Catering Services

We offer catering services for various events from birthday parties, weddings, business & corporate, and more! Contact us below to speak with us about what we can provide for your event and the rates. We are happy to be part of your next event!

Join Us For A Beer!

We proudly offer our guests a selection of beer and wine to enjoy during your meal!
Check out the options below to find something that you’ll love to sip on


It’s a clean and simple pale lager and one of the more popular beer varieties.


Stouts have an unclear history, yet it’s strongly held by many that they derive from porters.


Pale ale is one of the world’s most popular beer styles. It’s made with the use of pale malt.


It’s a very old style beer, whose history dates back to unhopped ales.

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